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Regulación del boxeo
El presidente de la Asociación Mundial de Boxeo (AMB), Gilberto Jesús Mendoza, fue el ponente de la conferencia virtual “Regulación de Boxeo”, organizada por Prosapienza Consulting y Universitas Fundación.
Actions of a referee during legal knockdowns, with Luis Pabón
The international referee of the World Boxing Association (WBA), Luis Pabón, explains step by step how the third man in the ring should act when a legal fall occurs.
Fundamental aspects of a boxing judge, with Gustavo Padilla
The international judge of the World Boxing Association (WBA) talks about the three fundamental aspects that every judge must have when scoring a fight, and how they should apply the rules correctly.
Concentration and distractions with Roberto Torres
Puerto Rican Judge discusses Judge's Approach to scoring and possible distractions that may come up while doing his job
Training for referees
As part of the WBA Academy's Continuing Education program, Luis Pabón, Director of the WBA Officials Committee, teaches us in the following video a simple exercise that you can do at home during your quarantine.
José Roberto Torres talks about scoring system in the rounds
As part of the educational activities of the WBA Academy, the Puerto Rican judge explains the 10-point scoring system and how it should be used.
How a boxing round is evaluated
Gustavo Padilla, explains in the following video the 5 aspects that must be taken into account when scoring a round.

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